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Rant, rant, rant... only not really.

My path is not behind me, 
I cling to the shreds.

-The Last of The Believers, "Throwing Matches"

So this isn't specifically geared at anyone. It's just something I want to say. The relationship that he and I have exists between us, and that's it. Yes we do like to share our lives with our friends, we want them in our lives, not our relationship. There is a difference, as weird as that sounds. We both agree that we want our friends around us, but when it comes to matters of our relationship, the people who know it the best and can solve anything that happens the best are the people who are actually in the relationship. So swooping in, making it a topic of conversation with other people, attempting to advise us, things of that nature, are really not welcome gestures. I teach the kids at work to take care of themselves and to let me worry about the others. Let's apply that principle here as well. Everyone worry about themselves and someone else will take care of the others... including our relationship. Respectfully and politely... butt out, it's not your area.

I digress. Obviously there were some issues yesterday, which have since been resolved as far as I'm concerned, and it's time to move on to bigger and better things. My mother has actually told me today that she's proud of Anthony and I. She made the comment that he and I handle things in stride, take things as they are presented to us, and that she's very happy to see us taking a mature approach to things. She admitted her initial doubts simply because of the temporal and geographical issues, but has now been shown that it can and does work, and she fully accepts having been wrong about that. It honestly astounded me. 

Moving on yet, the family Memorial Day grill/ cook out is happening today. It's a combination effort of my aunt's birthday which is May 31st and mine, which isn't until June 3rd, but why not celebrate it all and get it out of the way while the family's all together? So my plan for today is that I have to go buy my aunt a gift, give the dog a bath and a haircut, and then have dinner with my family. Let the good times roll. 

You know what? Sometimes things get annoying, like this nonsense that's going on with school and work, but as a whole, I'm completely content with my life. I like where I'm at and I hope it just keeps getting better as time goes on.



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