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I'm going for broke?

Wave goodbye to a time you once believed was everything.

-We Shot The Moon, "Hope"

Anthony has strep, and we'll know by Thursday whether there's some mono thrown in the mix too. Not to mention the fever makes him hallucinate a lot. Freaking awesome. My poor little zombie is miserable right now. haha

So I missed the deadline for summer course session A, but it's not neccessarily a bad thing. I think I need these 2 or 3 weeks off from school to recouperate and regenerate. I was headed straight for burn out mode, if I wasn't there already. I'll do session B, and maybe session C if I'm really feeling ambitious. 

My family came together on Sunday and did my birthday dinner in combination with my aunt's birthday. Hers is May 31st, and mine is June 3rd, so the family sees it as a "kill two birds with one stone" kind of deal. The long and short of it was... I got a new phone and a new iPod from Mom and Zack, two shirts and a pair of pants which all need to be returned because my grandmother and aunt seem to think I'm perpetually 2 sizes heavier than I actually am. Mostly consisted of just cash in cards, which is always good because then I can just spend it stupidly and wonder where all my birthday money went. Oh yeah... that's right it all went into the bank since I dumped $700 into my car last week. Sweet. Oh yeah, and a $25 Starbucks gift card... always a nice gift. 

I slept in on Monday... I slept a grand total of 9 HOURS!!! I was so stoked. I haven't done that in probably 5 months, maybe more. And then I proceeded to do a grand lot of nothing because it was a complete day off, no school, no work, no nothing. It was perfect. 

Yesterday meant back to the busy life. Worked 9-1 and then 4-7:45. Jackie came over and we had a knitting party which resulted in me getting very sad about my scarf and thinking that it belonged on a grandpa. I'm a freak, I know. After that... got to talk to the zombie a little bit before we both crashed. And now here I am. Gotta find something to do with my life today. I usually work on Wednesdays, but it's not written on the schedule, so maybe I just got another bonus day off? Schwing! Then again maybe my boss just is absent minded and forgot to fill in the rest of my schedule. So I suppose I should call her and clarify, and then find something to do until 5:45 when I may or may not be going into work. Peace out cubbie scouts. <3


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May. 29th, 2008 05:03 am (UTC)
it is NOT a grandpa scarf! lol

It's lovely!
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