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So my birthday in a nutshell...

And if you want roses, 
I'll buy a bouquet.

-Say Anything, "I Want To Know Your Plans"

So, as mentioned before, it's my birthday today, and I found out yesterday that I have Mono. I'm really not that excited. I worked at the daycare from 9-1, and everyone there got me a Target gift card, which was sweet of them. I came home, took an hour nap, and went to work a little bit later at The Little Gym from 4-7:30.

At The Little Gym my bosses got me a $20 gift card to Starbucks, which I was actually very surprised about. But then the big shocker came. My manager said there was some special pay stub in the back room also from my bosses, for my birthday. I'm thinking.. "SICK BONUS". I open the door, and a dozen red roses are sitting there waiting for me. Anthony sent me roses and it was the cutest, best part of my birthday. He's amazing. Be jealous. The end.

Lauren came into work while I was in a class, turns out she had brought me a tiny little ice cream thingy from Carvel, and left it in the freezer for me with a note on the desk telling me Happy Birthday and where it was. Unfortunately, I forgot it in the freezer and I'll just have to eat it tomorrow instead when my throat isn't so swollen shut that I can't breathe, like it is right now.

Came home, and I've been laying in bed since then. I'm tired. I need to sleep. Goodnight everyone.



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