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Back from the dead.... maybe.

They rule the world...
They can't rule me. 

-The Incredible Chris Kiley!

So in the final diagnosis, on June 2nd I got a very severe case of Mono, quickly followed by a serious infection due to a weakened immune system on June 6th. I was poked and prodded with needles, and pumped full of many different kinds of medications. On top of the general pain and discomfort, I was subjected to a bleeding time test, as well as other blood tests. Now a bleeding time test, those are fun, they cut your arm open, put a piece of coffee filter next to the blood to absorb it, and see how long it takes you to stop bleeding. Good times. They did the other blood tests, but neglected to tell me that one of the tests was actually looking for LEUKEMIA. They waited until 3 days later when they got the results back being negative to inform me that they were even checking that on me. Again, good times. 

Another couple days later, they determined that my immune system had allowed for my tonsils to get infected. That led to even more problems. In the end I had been prescribed cough medicine with Codeine, Prednisone, Cephalexin (a kick you in the face anti-biotic), and all the Tylenol I can handle. I'm no where's near good, but I'm getting so much better than I was. I'm under orders to stay down for another week. Yeah right, that's not happening. 

Aside from being sick and house bound for the last week, things in my actual life are taking a few changes of direction, a concept I'm really not that sure about since I've been isolated for 9 days, but it's happening. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing right now, I'm kind of at a stand still until I can get back out in the world and assessing what's going on. Things will be different when I'm not confimed to bed anymore. The doctor said by next Wednesday I'll be moved out of phase 1 of Mono, and on to phase 2. The difference? Phase 1 is the sick stage. The part where I get the throat infection, the fever, etc. Phase 2 is just where I get ridiculously tired. I can deal with being tired a lot better than I can with being sick. I'm looking forward to it. Seriously.



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