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Weekend Update...

"This is my promise..."

-Chris Kiley

I'm bored,
I'm bored,
I'm bored,
I'm bored,
I'm bored.

House bound for 14 days now and counting. Two more days to go. 16 days total. My next doctor's appointment is Wednesday morning, and hopefully I get cleared out of phase 1, and sent back into civilization. It's just bad, there's a point where sitting at home for this long by myself is just not good for me. I ended up in this big depressive state last night, not for any particular reason, just because I was so upset about sitting in my house for yet another night. 

In other news, I'm on the job hunt, and putting in applications everywhere. I hit up craigslist too, and hopefully found something really cool there. I've decided that TLG just isn't cutting it anymore. After just about 2 years there, it's time to call it quits. I'm not going to have a lot of hours this summer, and the final straw was the way I got treated after I got sick. People were mad at me over something I have no control over. So the solution? Punish me while I'm out sick for almost 2 weeks and reward everyone else in the process? I do just as much there, and it's not right. So now it's time to leave. 

Last Friday we finally found our way to Red Scroll Records in Wallingford. It was a really nice first day out in so long, minus the fact that we must have circled around downtown Wallingford and passed the shop 85 times without noticing. As usual, he drooled over the hundreds of different albums and spent way too much money. It's cute. Turns out he'd never been to Bertucci's before, so we hit that up for dinner afterwards. True to form, my boy never fails to disappoint and astound me with the amount of food he can cram into that tiny little body. Finally brought him to meet the grandparents for a few minutes after dinner, grabbed a movie, and went home to watch Monster's Inc. because we're cool kids. It was a good date. Little things make me happy. 

Other than that, nothing new. I'm bored, going out of my mind, and need to find something to do.



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